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Mutual Heights News

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Theresa BoksBuilding manager

Theresa Boks joins the management team today as Building Manager, and she is dedicated to working with the community at Mutual Heights. She has extensive experience, with more than a decade working in the administration and management of two large Cape Town shopping centres. She has qualifications in health and safety, service management, sustainability, and building management.

Because of the lock-down, we are not able to get her laptop to her at the moment, so her access to email is limited and she does not yet have her phone.  However, if you email her at '' we will forward the email to her directly.

Portfolio manager

Justin Warren ( 021 815 5850) is our Faircape Portfolio Manager - he has responsibility for a number of buildings including Mutual Heights.

Jose (the concierge) has been busy since very early this morning there has been some flooding on the second floor.  Residents have been communicating on the WhatsApp group. If you are not in the  building and have concerns about your section(s) you need to get onto the group and communicate with Jose and others who are actively involved in the clean up, using the chat group:

The problem was with one of the storm drains. Richard of Impro Plumbing has been in and reports that the problem is now sorted out, but we have no details at the moment.  A specialist clean-up company has been working to dry out in the Banking Hall.

There are now 40 people in the WhatsApp group discussing a variety of issues, and interacting with Jose the concierge. One focus is on the need to help anyone with special needs in these difficult circumstances, so please do not hold back. Join the group, and join in the conversation(s):

To: Mutual Heights owners, residents and others involved with the Mutual Building

During this challenging time we thought it might useful for us to create a space on Whatsapp to connect and help each other. Please feel free to join and kindly introduce yourself once you're in.

You can join by clicking this link on your mobile device (or on your PC, if you have installed the Whatsapp Messenger utility).

Please mention If you have any specific needs or can help with anything during lockdown, for example:

  • you are more vulnerable and could use help with over the counter medication and/or groceries.
  • you are willing to help in a specific way.

Jose the concierge will be joining the group, and he will keeping an eye on things continuously, so you can direct messages for Jose to the group and then everyone will see them. Or contact him direct if you wish, using his cell: 067 027 5411.

Take care everyone, and feel free to keep in touch.

We received the following message from Chad Scalzini <>, on behalf of  the organisers, providing some advance information:

Good day Residents, Businesses and Retailers,

Kindly be advised that the annual Cape Town Cycle Tour will take place on Sunday, 8 March 2020. This iconic event attracts thousands of cyclists to the beautiful city of Cape Town to take part in this 109km road cycling event which holds the title of being the “World’s Largest Timed Cycle Race”.

As per last year, the start of the event will be taking place from the Grand Parade precinct in Cape Town CBD. In order to ensure the safety of the cyclists and general public, various road closures will be implemented for this event the day prior to (minimal closures) as well as on event day.

Once all road closures have been signed off by the City of Cape Town, a final e-mail will be circulated towards the middle of February with the roads and times of closures attached.

Please be advised that there will be amplified noise at the start venue from 05h00 – 10h30 on event day. The sound levels will be monitored by an accredited Sound Engineer.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

Kind regards, The Cape Town Cycle Tour Organisers

Renown South African author Dr Dan Sleigh is hosting a VOC-themed walking tour of the Company's Gardens at 10am on Saturday 25 January. The walk is on behalf of the Friends of the Company's Gardens.

The walk is open to all members of the Friends at no charge. Anyone wanting to join the walk, will please need to sign up as a member - which is easily done. Simply fill in the attached document and complete the steps. Annual membership is R100.

The Friends will be hosting several excellent walking tours of the Company's Garden throughout the year. Please contact Alan (alan@placesplus, for any further details.

Newsletter 44 (May 2019) is now available. Click on the image to download it, or go here to see all the newsletters:

The Mutual Heights web site's new front page is still at the same URL:

Sorry about that!

In one of our surveys about living and workikng in Mutual Heights, some time ago, a respondent said that the Web site was "Old tech". Ouch!

Responding to that comment requires that we look at different aspects of the web site. Let's talk tech for just a moment:  the quality of the underlying data structures in the database is definitely NOT old tech - there are 178 tables in five different schemas; the implementation of the web site functionality using PHP5 and MySQL5 - well OK - they have a point there, this stuff was the "latest thing" years ago; finally, the style of the programming, which is definitely procedural, not OOP - whether that is old tech is arguable). So, clearly, they actually had a point.

In fact, the web site just LOOKED old in style. It made too few concessions to the needs of different kinds of users, and it made no effective use of style controls in order to achieve a modern style that can respond to the size of the device that it is being viewed on.

We have sorted that out, and you are invited to go and have a look at the ONE page - the new front page - that evidences our new approach:

The new front page on the web site

We will now continue to add more responsive pages behind this frontage, but this seems like a good time to ask whether anyone wants to be involved? There is work that we can do:  we need to organise a full review of the facilities in the present "Legacy" web site and prioritise the further work - will you come and help us? If there is anyone already involved with web site development who would like to help out, we might be able to do a deal.

Let me finish by listing some of the facilities that the web site supports - it does much more than what you will see from a quick glance at the new front page menu:

  • All involved in living or working in Mutual Heights can register and manage their personal profile and preferences.
  • Owners and their agents can register their visitors ahead of arrival, so that they can be sent a welcome message with information about security and access to the building (that message now includes QR codes that will identify visitors and speed their "check in" at the desk).
  • Anyone registered as a web site user can request maintenance and submit community reports (we also had community advertisements but there was little interest).
  • Every day security staff get a forward list of visitors that have been registered, to avoid the time needed to fill in forms.
  • All security incidents are now recorded on the web site so that trustees and the management team can see them and act on them at any time.
  • News, notices and advisories (like this one) can be posted to the web site (see the lower section of the new front page) and - where appropriate - they can be broadcast as an email to selected categories of involved people (owners, tenants, visitors, management and so on).
  • All maintenance work items are logged, with the documentation that supports it.
  • Trustees (and other) meetings can be initiated, documents lodged, actions and resolutions are recorded and progress chasing is facilitated.
  • Trustees and the Management Team have a discussion area where the many matters that we have to work on, on behalf of the whole community, can be discussed and recorded so that the emergence and management of problems can be tracked.

And so on. This has all been voluntary work so far, but if anyone in the community wants to come and discuss the wider potential for this portfolio of facilities, please tell me.

I wish everyone a progressive and fulfilling New Year. On my side, I will be pressing on with the web site as long as it is useful to do so.

Warm regards,

Today is the day to enjoy the music and marching of the famous minstrel groups, and celebrate the New Year with the people of Cape Town. There will be traffic restrictions around Darling Street but we have spoken to the traffic attendants on duty and they know to allow access to the garage.

The march takes place between Keizersgracht Street in District Six and Rose Street in the Bo-Kaap; the main entertainment is on the Grand Parade.

This is from Kate Crane Briggs - Mobile +27 (0)72 377 8014,  Landline +27 (0)21 286 5546, Web

Company's Garden Trees Culture Connect
Friday 13 September 10am-12pm

Company’s Garden is full of extraordinary history, plans and features – find out more with awarding winning landscape architect and lecturer, Clare Burgess. For her tour she is in conversation with esteemed arborist Riaan van Zyl and bird expert Linda Hibbin. At the start of the tour, Principal of Gardens Commercial High School, Dylan Tommy, will say a few words about the new Company’s Garden Friends, which he chairs.

Afterwards enjoy an optional home-made lunch, with fynbos touches, at the Garden’s Heritage Shop and café.

Cost: R250 pay beforehand (R350 on the day), includes info pack and fynbos flavoured drink at the start by Cape Town Fynbos Experience (lunch at your own expense).

Pre-booking essential 072 377 8014